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Any changes to this Agreement will be effective immediately upon notice to you.

« We, » « us, » and « our » refers to Oracle America, Inc., for and on behalf of itself and its subsidiaries and affiliates under common control. « You » and « your » refers to the individual or entity that wishes to use the Programs from Oracle. « Programs » refers to the collection of software and associated documentation, tools, utilities and/or software artifacts […]

Bilateral agreements may also be breached.

hair bonding, adhesives, micropoint bonding, micropoint, hair adhesives, wig adhesives, toupee tapes, bonding, adhesive, adhesive tape, hair replacement attachments, hair replacement, attachments, adhesive articles, tapes, hair, attachment Spectroscopic methods are used to study chemical bonding in minerals and crystals, but also for solving structural problems or to determine cation distributions ( XAS, XAFS / EXAFS, […]

Still, passage of the budget agreement is not certain.

PayPal presents its User Agreements to potential users by providing links on the app page to each of the main legal agreements, including the Licence agreement of PayPal’s app and the Privacy Policy of PayPal. A free software license grants users of that software the rights to use for any purpose, modify and redistribute creative […]

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Restrictions on Japanese immigration were deemed necessary following an influx of Japanese labourers in British Columbia and a surge of anti-Asian sentiment in the province. Over 8,000 Japanese immigrants arrived in Canada in the first ten months of 1907, a drastic increase from previous years.[1] Reports that the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway planned to import […]

This version of the agreement has been made searchable for convenience.

In the agreement, the partners intend to protect the property they already have at the time of marriage or plan to acquire in future. I never signed a prenuptial agreement. If I file for divorce now, I will end up sharing half of my property, investments, and money with a man who has contributed nothing, […]

The Final Agreement includes an allocation of Upper Fraser sockeye salmon.

Certain other formalities must be observed; under Section 105, a security is not considered properly executed unless a document is signed on or on behalf of the debtor. This document must conform to certain regulations; the terms must be legible when it is presented to be signed, it must give all the terms and conditions […]

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