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Almost everyone has problems with the subject-verb agreement.

There have been a number of significant decisions in the last two years that have seen employers successfully terminate their enterprise agreements. These included Aurizon Operations Limited in 2015, followed by Griffin Coal Mining Company Pty Ltd, Peabody Energy Australia PCI Mine Management Pty Ltd and AGL Loy Yang Pty Ltd. But each year, on […]

Unfortunately, most apartments have a year-long lease agreement, at a minimum.

When the sun isnt shining, or wind isnt blowing dont stress, well supply power at wholesale market rates. The standard Wholesale PPA is a financial contract known as a contract-for-Difference it has no relationship with the consumers retail electricity supply agreement. Both templates are designed to be used as starting points for buyers (rather than […]

However, there are several different types of listing agreements.

Contributed by Allen & Gledhill Partner Yeo Boon Kiat, Distribution Q&A: Singapore provides Singapore-specific information concerning the key legal and commercial issues that arise when appointing a distributor. Issues covered include regulation and legal formalities, competition law, intellectual property, employment law, tax considerations, product liability and the distribution agreement. Reproduced from Practical Law with the […]

Hence they come up with an agreement to start sleeping together.

Modernists questioned the significance of traditions and, indeed, anything that we had gained or learned through traditional means. The innovation and staggering discoveries of the early 1900s thrust mankind into a world of new possibilities. Einsteins theory of relativity only reinforced the idea that life and humanity were more nuanced than it had previously been […]

The agreement was voted on in a plenary session in Strasbourg today.

If the applicant passes the rental application, the property owner should set a time and date for the parties to sign the lease agreement. The landlord should highlight all areas where the tenant(s) will need to sign the agreement to ensure a smooth process. Or, find your state-specific residential lease agreement below. Use a land […]

First, what exactly is a short term rental agreement?

A close examination of the history surrounding the European powers role in the Middle East during WWI makes the alleged explanatory power of the Sykes-Picot analogy difficult to sustain. As outlined in the book that Walid Jumblatt gave to Hasan Nasrallah, Sir Mark Sykes did indeed reach a secret agreement with Franois Georges-Picot in May […]

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