Jour : 7 mai 2021

This Practice Note considers non-compete clauses in commercial agreements.

In order to avoid arguments about who owns what, it is helpful if you set out some rules in the agreement. The law is fairly straightforward but you may want to spell it out to avoid later misunderstandings. If the relationship ends for any reason, the result can be quite messy and expensive. Parties who […]

Agreement to the terms will be online by way of checking a box.

Send All ERA Enrollments and HIPAA EDI Provider Agreement form (if using Billing Service) You must fill out one of these forms for each of your providers List the Providers PTAN, a seperate Provider Authorization form is required for each PTAN If the above link does not work properly, download the form listed above […]

For a full comparison for the proposed Agreement and the Award, click here.

The contract of participation accounts was completely obsolete within the trading and investment markets until recently, but the appearance of Crowdfunding has once again put this legal formula on the front line, giving it a greater degree of sophistication. And can that which has no participation in being, either assume or lose being? It is […]

Agreements need to be turned into consent orders!

In conclusion, the appellate court held that the district erred by failing to apply the your work exclusion to at least some of the marinas claims and damages, and found that since the settlement agreement didnt distinguish between covered and non-covered damages, it couldnt be enforced against the insurance carrier. In this case, the contractor […]