Jour : 8 mai 2021

This NDA shall be understand as mutual non-disclosure agreement.

But significant questions remain about the lease agreements, including whether they would actually become signed contracts. The lease agreement was reached in 1946, and certain research projects began to be moved to the new campus. Most of the residents in public housing are tenants under a 99 year lease agreement. Gina came running back down […]

Most countries in the agreement have two years to ratify.

Supply refers to any capacity available to a freight forwarder to move air cargo. Capacity is provided by airlines, which we call carriers. Carriers sell capacity to freight forwarders, and freight forwarders try to fill that capacity with cargo. The capacity may be on passenger flights or on dedicated freighters. Flexport procures capacity via three […]

Talks on the agreement are thought to be in the final stretch.

Check how these rights tie-in with the force majeure provisions and other related provisions (eg service level agreements, liquidated damages, insolvency and general termination rights), and consider whether they are consistent with a MAC event / termination. Contract terms that deal with material adverse changes are carefully negotiated by the parties and take into account […]